Detective Knight: Redemption (2022)

Detective Knight: Redemption (2022)

Last updated 12/23/2023

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In custody in New York, Detective James Knight finds himself in the middle of a jailbreak led by The Christmas Bomber, a brutal fanatic whose Santa Claus disciples are terrorizing the city. With the promised return of his badge in exchange for taking out the terrorists, the steely-eyed Knight doles out mercy for the just…and merciless justice for all the rest.  

Director : Edward Drake
Actor : Edward Drake, Bruce Willis, Corey Large, Lochlyn Munro, Beau Mirchoff, Paul Johansson, John Cassini, Miranda Edwards
Durasi : 1 jam 33 menit
Diterbitkan : 09 December 2022
Negara : USA
Bahasa : English
Subtitle: Indonesia

IMDB: 4.5

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