Perder Es Ganar un Poco (2023)

Perder Es Ganar un Poco (2023)

Published 12/27/2023

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Sinopsis :

Miguel, a successful man, ends up in jail, unjustly accused of money laundering. His sentence completed, with empty pockets and nowhere to go, Miguel returns to his old neighborhood. There, he encounters his childhood friends, who continue playing futsal, never winning a match. Miguel decides to coach them, leading them to victory. On the way, he discovers the unexpected consequences of success.

By :
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Direktur :
Rodrigo Triana

Cast :
Andres Sandoval, Jacqueline Arenal, MarĂ­a Elisa Camargo

Bahasa :

Durasi :
98 min

Diterbitkan :
21 Dec 2023

Negara :

Genre :

Quality :

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