Vide Noir (2022)

Vide Noir (2022)

Published 12/27/2023

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Sinopsis :

Following his missing fiancée Lee across the country to a bustling, neon-lit city, Buck’s only plan is to search every cocktail bar, lounge and club to find her. What follows is a series of dreamlike nighttime encounters throughout increasingly strange places. Buck’s search eventually leads to the trail of a new drug that removes the barriers of death, time, and space… and the dangerous man behind it all.

By :
GoNobar />  

Direktur :
Ariel Vida

Cast :
Ashleigh Cummings, Kanya Iwana, Victor Mascitelli

Bahasa :

Durasi :
95 min

Diterbitkan :
8 Nov 2022

Negara :

Genre :
Mystery, Thriller

Quality :

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